The Best of Professional Tennis

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Some Various photos of the Professional we enjoy to watch and maybe some we'd like to get to know even better.
  1. Mr & Mrs Andre & Stephanie Agassi  
I don't know about you guys but she'll always be Steffi to me.  Hey Steffi, with all the money you have, pick a...
  2. Around the time Andre was hanging with Brooke just before they got married.
  3. Ah young Andre during his Bad to the Bone days playing for Davis Cup.
  4. Maria Sharapova - I guess you can't have too many Maria pictures right guys?
  5. Monica Seles during her advocacy of losing weight.  Still a beautiful woman in my opinion.
  6. Martina Hingis during her brief comeback before Cocaine charges hit her.
  7. Martina Hingis - Mercantile 2005
  8. This is suppose to be Anna Kournikova but it doesn't look like her to me.  Did she get some sort of face change?  If so, why?
  9. Jennifer Capriati at age 18 and her only love was still Tennis.
  10. Jennifer's first Grand Slam Win at the Australian Open 2001
  11. Jennifer's Mug Shot when she was arrested for being in possession of marijuana.  Sorry folks but I still think there's worse things in life.
  12. Mindfully Maria
  13. Clinched Fist - Long Legs - Pouty Frowning Expression is typical Maria.
  14. Serena Williams - The Queen of Women's Tennis
  15. Jelena Jankovic - She is the best Under-Achiever on the Circuit.
  16. Monica Seles - On Dancing with the Stars / Monica was the Rafael Nadal of her day.
  17. Daniela Hantuckova - When she's healthy & focused, she can beat almost anybody. Very Intelligent Player
  18. Anna Chakvetadze - Big Game in a Small Frame
  19. John McEnroe' Tennis Card that I had him sign for me.
  20. 08Masters Series - Can you name them ?
  21. Kornikova - nuff said about that
  22. 1992 Wimbledon Men's & Women's Champions  
'Little did they know back then of what the future would hold in store for them'  Funny as it were but...
  23. maria Sharapova 
I'm hoping that's not real fur she's modeling with because that would cause me to delete every picture of Maria I have.
  24. maria Sharapova -  
I suppose one could get the impression I think Maria is hot. Oh well, I'm willing to accept that judgment ...
  25. texasLightShow
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