Build your own tennis lounge .. in your city

  1. 6th year finished; growing up

    by , 07-03-2012 at 09:47 AM (Build your own tennis lounge .. in your city)
    I just returned from Turkey in Alanya; "where God smiles", and played tennis there. Just under the rocky peninsula that splits into the sea, 4 courts, 2 clay, 2 hard, reasonable price. I like Turkey! -- This Moscow club has matured, now 6-year-old; we played 1913 matches altogether in 2011-12, vs. 1010 matches in 2010-11; this is 90%..hmm.. I like this stats! This year, Motivation Open had a 32-draw with a qual in singles, and a smaller draw in mixed, but this is the first time we managed ...