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  1. May not be this year but you'll see me and my family there in the not to distant future, group or no group. I'm working on a very cunning plan.
  2. I'm glad to hear you have been webified, it makes it feel more official I'll bet. Good to hear about the kids doing so well. It must be very satisfying to be getting results from your students. It really seems that you guys have the right approach to teaching.T-Bar is really starting to dislike our little group over here in Ft. Worth. We operate out of a public tennis center and our kids are beating the upper eschelon tennis center's kids on a regular basis. The irony being that most of the kids there are pretty well off but none of the local clubs has a decent youth program. I'm still working on getting out to HH. Maybe we can do a group trip like our group did to Fla over spring break. We were planning on going to N.O. this summer to work with Monica Seles's former coach but it fell through due to scheduling issues. Probably for the better anyway since N.O. is one of the best food cities on earth and is currently unable to source fresh local seafood due to evil oil slick.Thanks BP!
  3. How's it going in HH?
  4. Ummmmmm...Food!
  5. I really appreciate the information. Hopefully our family will be able to visit Hilton Head in the not too distant future for vacation/tennis. It would be great to check out Smith Stearns, meet you and the other pros, and play on some clay courts which is something we are severely lacking here in Texas (the closest one is in Dallas at T-Bar M tennis center) The coaches here put a trip together for the juniors over spring break recently to Boca Raton so the kids could get a bit of clay court training and play some Florida kids to see how they measured up. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it and we plan on going next year.

    I've already checked out some of the packages for Sea Pines and the tennis clinics. I've also heard the fishing there is really good too! Perhaps we'll get out there within the next couple of years.

    I'll definetly stay in touch.
  6. Actually it is Scott Smashey. (If you or anyone you know knows of him I would appreciate some feedback) He has worked with Maureen Drake, among others, in the past and is still good friends with her. He also has close ties with and sent a local player to work with Martina Hingis' former coach down in New Orleans last summer. I believe that Rikard is working as a Pro at Southlake Tennis Center which is a bit to the northwest of Fort Worth but very close. The next time I'm up that way I'll make a point to stop and say hello. It is good to know someone of his caliber is in the area. We actually have some really good potential here in Texas for some great juniors coming up with coaches like these guys. We are just a bit behind in ages and experience compared to the established programs in Texas but all the kids working under Scott and his co conspirator Stephen Bruwer (formerly of U.Tenn. Martin via South Africa) have been steadily climbing in rankings.
  7. She is having a blast. In fact tennis is her favorite thing in the world. We also have her working with an excellent coach who relocated to Fort Worth from the South Fla. area who has worked with touring pros and high level jr.s now is really focused on developing a group of kids and bringing them up through the juniors system. Most all of their practices are technique and footwork, the tournaments are just to get her used to playing matches and putting it all together as a reward for the hard work she puts in. We'll worry about winning when it really counts.

  8. TK1,
    I find your posts very informative and take all your advice to heart. I look forward to reading all your comments. I think your point of view is especially helpful regarding developing junior players since my 6 year old daughter, about to turn 7, has begun playing tournaments.

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