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  1. im actually very new to tennis. i really started to become interested in tennis around the first round of the australian open '09. before that i did try to form a group of tennis partners, but that never took off. so ive really only been playing tennis for about 3 months. i absolutely enjoy every match. if it's not raining, you can almost always find me at the local courts. my game has really improved in just three months. i did have a coach for a week... he showed me the basics, and it helped a lot.

    enough about me, when did you and your daughter find an interest in tennis? how did it get started? i would love to watch her play a match. did/do you ever play professionally or even just for fun?
  2. Great! So how are you involved in Tennis?
    Yes we are enjoying tournaments so much!
  3. that is very nice of you. im sure you're proud of her.

    i work for a company located in South Central PA called ES3. they are a state-of-the-art distribution center (i.e., lots of fancy 21st century automated machines). in September i will be leaving PA to pursue a business venture in San Antonio, TX. im very excited!

    so im sure you're both very busy. traveling around the world from tournament to tournament. i would enjoy every moment.
  4. No, I am just kind of writting on her behalf, because my English is better...what do you do exactly?
  5. thank you! glad to meet you too. do you play tennis with your daughter?
  6. Hi...nice to meet you!
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