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The bad match I played

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I have recently played a bad match, yes, indeed. One may as well quit reading further taking a wrong idea that I am an
evil man pretending to be a light-hearted person, but this is my blog, anyway. The guy was a sporty-looking man just thirty y.o., but clearly not playing tennis for long time. I am 43 years old, 182/82 and playing tennis for a decade already. [ P.S. old photo! I play with Wilson PST90 since 2005. ] I believe I quite understand the game, have both tactics and technics, so I did expect a standard 62,62 and a cheerful talk after the match. He won the toss and started serving against the sun, so in three minutes I was 1/0, 30/0, and his dropshot was succesful for the very first time; but it was such a high-bouncing one that a squadron could have been shaven and lined up before I walked to the ball and put it away with a fierce forehand.

"Now!" - I had won 7 points a in a row. The thing that happened next was that I'd lost in 1 h. 30 m., 6/3,6/2. He did it just returning top-spin to the center for me to attack; some attacks I did win, but quickly my physics went down. Then he was dropshotting almost every ball, and I had to run back and forth, and because my play had already been damaged by poor physics, I could not put away that easily as the first time. Soon I was feeling on the wrong side, and my temper began to show as I over-reacted on a new high-bouncing ball hitting it in the fence. (...)

This happenes, I know. The tennis gods are laughing ones. Especially on those who forget that whatever bad feeling one has, tennis is a FUN.

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    Redemption comes upon me for putting ostracism upon my opponents favorite tennis weapons. - I was so much upset after losing that match that for three or four days felt no nostalgia for my raquets, at all. Then an old partner of mine called me to settle a stage for battle between us. I agreed because I can hardly remember if I ever lost a set against him. We met on the only hard court in town, at the city stadium (10$/hour), and played two long tiebreaks, which I won 24/20, and then 24/15. I hit some down-the-line aces and also one classical backhand return winner, making my opponent wonder at the speed and angle. [I can't put a link to my opponent photo as I did before, because he's not in Motivation list any more. There is "a Door Out" for people who would like to disengage from club, and I guess he used it when his h2h stats against me became bad .] - Thus I had a pleasant time on court under the evening sun, and after talking cheerfully and shaking hands with my frusrated partner I leave the box. My bike was standing near the box, but too outside it, as I found out the back wheel was completely deflated. I suppose some young criminal with a long needle did it, because the camera was prickled twice. What a mess for one evening!