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June 2010 stats

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Please visit our Moscow lounge start page as demo.

You like it, but what about English ( and NYC)? English interface start page demo.
NB: "demo" means other buttons won't open from right there, but this is a real lounge, you will need to register online to begin using it.

67 players total of 89 matches in singles; 26 new profiles; 4 of them played at least once. Average in many months, one of those 7 registered newbies begins using the program and playing matches in the club. There is meaning of it, you don't fight unless you're a fighter. Through the month, players published 129 offers of match; that's the core of the program, arranging your own matches. So, 43 (33,3%) ended up with a submitted result. That's water-proof efficiency quotient, aqlthough it's really 63%, i.e., ratio of offers where an opponent had been selected by the inviter. Stats for other lounges is modest: both in Kiev and Kaluga, 11 matches for each in June. That is 8 times fewer than in Moscow, but so much is the population, isn't it? We have come up with 110 unique browsers average per day by the end of the month. This is about 20% growth since beginning of the warm season.
By the way,on June 30 it was exactly 4 years since Moscow lounge of Motivation opened at Consider that we have played altogether 265 matches during first year (2006.06.30-2007.06.29), 451 in second, 351 in third, and 906 in the last year, i.e., almost as many in the last year as in three previous ones. That's the growth of the project.

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