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2010 Anomalous Fry

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We are having +30,31,32,33 C for a month already. They say its an absolute record of hot summertime for 130 years of observation. Personally I dislike cold more than hot.. so why not play tennis right here (drink), right now (more drink). I've not touched balls for three weeks already, so my serve is totally in question, and my today's 4.5-opponent must be already driving here tearing down his melting tyres..I practised "hot yoga" for my recent week in the garden where I used to climb an old cherry-tree, split legs on the boughs and balance between them in such a .. juxtaposition, say, for long minutes while picking berries. Murrey was said to practise the similar "hot yoga", which quite sadly to me seems to kill the rest of ginger he once must have had. Another long run of Bimledon semifinals since Henman quit it feeling bitter about it. -- Well,I must be a boring author of this blog, which is primarily to underline benefits of my software I hope to be able to set up on other locations. So how is it? Its OK, alive and kickin' More and more people use it. -- Just not to be more bored, here is an authentic photo I recently uncovered in Internet:

and a movie by the famous Russian poet Dmitry Prigov who died on this day three years ago:

This is opera-style etude where one character (D.Prigov) is teaching the second character (a male cat) correctly sing out "Rosssiyaah"
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  1. kleo's Avatar
    The guy was actually 4.0 and he did it 24/10 in a long tie; that's a good score for me, the ball was really fast. It's a good way not to get 6/0 against someone who's sure to beat you by talking into playing a long tiebreak. An it's also alternative better to us fragile amateurs in hot weather. -- I wonder if I start using PayPal soon, they say its available now here, and I wish I had ordered one of those electric boosters for my bike earlier. It's amazing weather for biking, and with those boosters I could enjoy visiting locations with nicer riversides.
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    The tennis match machine worked fine for me, as I had 4 matches during the last week with four different people coming to play against me, mostly from Moscow, on a court known to be free of charge; let them pay 15-20$ per hour in Moscow, having said all about their real social value; all they need is a public outcry - @Dokole? ; but as stated above, there're two free and accessible clay and asphalt courts in my banleau to where I place TMM offers to come and play against me, regularly through the last week, and bingo! - I have had 4 matches(1 win, 3 lost).
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    Yet another 4.0 guest received, and I lost again 18/24,16/24 - but one must lose being 3.5 against 4.0, anyway. It was +37C, actually the very first time to play in such heat for me; I couldn't have done better, and I took almost all the points I should have, consuming all the water from the bottle. As I mentioned above, it's easy to talk conditions of the match beforehand, using TMM's offer, and I do stipulate playing long tiebreaks rather than usual match because it's much harder to withstand the heat serving for 5-6-7-8-9...points on one's serve than just let it pass over on every two points.