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How heat inspires work

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I have had good summer, for sure. Today I was getting up early and preparing to go to Moscow (~35 km), before the heat was up to its regular daily +35C, but just on leaving I found out that I actually didn't have to go! no need! what a relaxing. Yesterday, I spent mourning hours in thinking about a new feature for my tennis software, and then after the beach noon I spent all the evening till late night in coding it (no tennis yesterday, right). In fact, it's a small part of code but of big value for the club. People are used to leave comments on their matches, and sometimes on matches played by others; sometimes the comments are good jokes and nice advice, but sometimes it's all disgust, spite and venom. We know what moderators do in protecting law-abiding internet people from anonymous freaks, but tennis club is specific in its way, because this is a place where the real prevails over the virtual. So, today we play tennis, but tomorrow, may I ban you? Actually through those 4 years we have tried various ways to deal with this issue, because we dont' like banning anyone, but it takes nerves and it takes a good lot of tolerance. The new feature lets one not only leave a comment, but also (anonymously) rate comments left by others. It's a "nothing new" feature I guessed from reading youtube comments on the donkey my compatriots managed to launch flying under the parachute somewhere in the Black Sea resort [ if you didn't see this top of unhumane idiotism, please never mind - the animal was reported to "enjoy", but there were tube crowd that put their thumbs up!]. So rated by many your comment "thumbs up", you're a welcome writer here; rated "thumbs down", it's a push for reassign. It's a theme to think about, gentlemen, before you air your satirics on someone's poor tennis (probably mine), next time!
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