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More traveling in this fall

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I did more Balkans travels in September and October, hoping to establish new ties with prospects of opening up in places with lots of players. Alas, no so far. We've had a sponsored Ladder this year, which is the first time for Ladder (but hopefully not the last), and bought out a whole inflatible in mid-October to hold all the three finals indoor on the ground. As usual, after the end of the summer season I did calculate the stats and drew more lines in our growth charts which are still not exponential )) the numbers on charts are given only for summers (mid-April throuhg mid-October) :

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Now I have dedided to timely off the support for ads campaigns in other big cities but Moscow; my estimate of potential is we're now covering roughly no more than 10 per cent of Moscow tennis amateurs, which means with due effort in advertisement the number of people playing with TMM in Moscow can grow to 2,000 from current 200. Statistically, only one of five people registering on the site would have at least one match played since; and of these, one half stays in Club after three years. That means, only 1 person of 10 registered would become a Club player and permanent TMM user.
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