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2012 : three days and it's over

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Look, it's logarithmic, isn't' it? Some time ago I thought about a similiarity in numbers of electrons in a bound state inside the atom ( their problems of setting in begin somewhere after U92 ) and numbers of club players in this club. Look, we have now a rate of 20 to 30 new registration each month, without Google influx, and with the latter it would increase to 25% or so. Facebook in Moscow gives - tried more than once. Only 10% of these registrations would settle in the Club, statistically. But look again at this pure logarithmic. We're here against some nature of things, I'm afraid.

I've gone to Barcelona in mid-December, just to find a pleasant kind of weather we'd usually enjoy in late September here in Moscow. Was looking for Poble Espagnol and stuck into Pompeyi tennis center with a FREE ground.. no, the courts are not free, but the WALL - is terre battu and free, though I was eventually asked to pay for practicing on it by an undertaking signor. Well, I couldn't find an opponent there partly because there is no such hepful program as Tennis Match Machine in this city.. some tennis-helpful sites would appear now and then, but what's strikes me most is their full retard. OK, I'm supposed to write myself in a list of hundreds of other 3.0 players and expect being invited to play by someone..when? why? this is a dumbass approach I wrote here also more than once. Check out the latest TMM release I uploaded today at SourceForge, and get ready to the excruciating power of its source.
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    It looks logar no more (Feb.13 ) we're growing better now - I have used some new recipe with Google ads.. hmm..