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Kleo is a sly cat

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I must have written about club nicknames in this story somewhere earlier, but since I grew up into a prolific blog writer I am not sure. Once again, in club we are known as "nicks" not real names. Yes, you may also provide your name in youre profile but this is not mandatory. Suppose you're a great child of a great parent and everybody knows your name. Better this way, I mean. So my nick name is KL which is "Kot Leopold" in short. "Kot" stands for 'Cat', it's easy to guess. Why such cat's name? There used to be a series of popular cartoons in 80's about a sly cat who fought battles with two outrageus mice. My little one used to watch it on loop. Very funny cat indeed, saying "Guys, let's keep it friendly!" in the end of each episode. My personal club function as perceived by many is 'moderator', and I dislike it, but as far as you don't push anyone off it's ok and I don't push anyone off. Might that be so much better if a moderator was to be elected or assigned by people? ..Upph, so this is explained. Am a sly cat Leopold who knows how to keep it friendly.
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