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July 2010 stats and summary of club events

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Please visit our Moscow lounge start page as demo.

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Despite of the ruthless record-long heat and ensuing fires that filled the skies with smog, we played relatively many matches in July, [117/87] in three cities, of which [81/68] in Moscow, and [6/6]..! The first figure in square brackets is number of matches, the second is the number of people who played, and at last the combination [6/6] means, I played 6 matches against 5 people! Fatigued soon, I quit playing in +37C and switched to doing more business and riverside journeys. Currently we run ladder tournaments in Moscow and Kiev, finishing in the latter and in slow progress in the former. Ladder tournaments are 2-3-4 months long and are very convenient for players as they can schedule and postpone their matches rather freely. We have a May-through-August contest for a T-shirt with club logo in Kiev, just in order for the very first time participants to get the touch of the software, and we have 3 good prizes for each of three leagues in Moscow, where this tournament is an annual event now. The application deadline is 6 weeks from the tournament end date, and then players must announce their tournament goals. Then the rest of the ladder time they would contest for a spot in semifinals, and 4 best players in each league would fight for tropheys during the final two weeks in September and October. That's in short the scheme of the ladder in Moscow this year.
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