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Part 2 : Cloning

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Now that we have had some years of experience in one big city, that is, in Moscow, the question is, how do we get another big city involved? Just repeating the whole of the installation at a different server makes it, but the complexity of management doubles. It is clear that the correct approach lies in creating a single front-end, or gateway, and separate backends for various geographic locations. A user (or a player, to be more exact) gets registered into a location for his/her city, creates and keeps her profile just there. This player does not need visit other locations, so at the gate we must have A. selector of locations. We must also have B. interface language selector, because we don't expect everybody speak the same tongue. So, the final solution is as follows: one program running on one site, and many backends which may possibly run on many servers. Each of the backends is a clone of the first backend, i.e., the structures of the databases are the same for all locations. However, each location, as a club lounge in a big city, is completely separate from others, so that the profiles and matches played in one big city do not mix with other cities' matches and profiles. This January I copied about twenty empty templates for big Russian citis as well as for some cities in other countries (including New York, Miami, and Paris, France), wrote scripts to automize the database backing up and maintenance and launched the whole thing into the Internet. I also informed people on these empty lounges through city forums and offered to use them to their best. Currently we have a big progress in Kiev lounge, - the Ukrainian capital is a 3-million city; there are also active lounges in Kaluga and the second largest Russian city - St.Petersburg.
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    Well, not so good in St.Petersburg. The second largest, 4-million city in Russia has had already something long-standing for tennis amateurs -; to me, this is a dull example of static content, nothing interactive. But it's got history, and all active tennis players are there , so chances for their migrating spontaneously were low... An unless really big money were spent, or some influential propaganda were triggered, or were fell to ashes by local executive branch, - Motivation is doomed in this city. However, there is a promising start in Kiev. I like how things go there . In 4 months, they have got 30 active players. We have just started a 3-months-long ladder tournament, a club T-shirt to winner, just to get more players involved.
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    Moscow, May 2010. -- I can't stand making another vivid comparison : you're operating an old-fashioned nuke core and slowly putting off the graphite rods.. What happens? Neutrons become extremly multiple, reactions grow exponentially. -- That's how warmth and sun affect us in May, tennis amateurs in Moscow. No more solitary voices in the dark: "Hey, is there anybody out there? [.. = another idiot like me to pay 150USD for couple hours in a cold pumped structure just across the Moskva river?] Indeed, there is no better time to come and see how the Kleo's Famous Tennis Match Machine works. It's appalling, those powerful Linux server guts push Apache throttle up in the red sector..