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Well, well, I finally moved on from the old brand "TClub Motivation" to more promising "Tennis Match Machine" Right here, right now, all you see there is the same old Motivation stuff. But in some weeks we hopefully see it magically change. Here's what's about to be done next:

1. Web design of the start page, registration, etc - every box prior to the main window should be restyled. The main window is also bad, but those start boxes are damn bad. I'm not a web designer and can't do a good one myself. But I have enough understanding of the subject to say which one is good, and which is not. So if you're a good WD and feel like it, write me, or talk with me on the skype:alexshevlakov.

2. There's also some programming to be done with location and lang selectors, but this is what I'll do myself.

3. Switch all interfaces to UTF encoding. This is what I have already tested for the Ukrainian, so it surely can work for other ones, like Spanish, Greek, Deutsch, Japanese or French. I don't know these languages, and someone ready to interprete a 40K English text file with strings to their mother tongue would be much appreciated and given an eternal place in our Hall of Fame. [Oui, je peux parler Franšais un peu, c'est vrai, mais c'est seulement pour chanter les hymnes!..a-lala]

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  1. kleo's Avatar
    Just completed with the Appro One:

    Looks good! It may as well be called "My first CSS windou". Once upon a time I used Blender 3D soft to make a girlie 4-second animation clip. I had to create a brand-new raquet for the girl, from scratch I used my own Wilson for dimensions. Here is the same Wilson and am again a happy copyright owner.

    Well, I admit it looks like authentic "early 90s" webdesign. I have used grey colors to make it look dull because I know that merry colours will make me sick in two days to look on a dumbass page like this.
    Updated 08-29-2010 at 03:02 PM by kleo
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    I have had a run with issues I scheduled above a month ago. The stuff is now fully in unicode including chat box. The design has been raised 100 points to the extent of self-increased knowledge of the subject. Not artistic yet but still good... ehhh better. I also did French translation using online Prompt English-to-French dictionary. My French is very basic, I guess. I can read French magazines and Jean Paul Sartre, too. In programming, I overdid myself and concluded with a hi-fi demo on every click on that main window.. now that runs perfectly as I like. It's 20,000 lines of Perl code and whenever I hear of php I always think best of the man who wrote "php is good but to me it always looked like a scissored perl.. so why try php if you can write in Perl?" Indeeed. -- That stuff needs finishing in every language, though. It lacks authentic look in every other language. Well there has to be a local guy to kindle that candle, and I hope I can produce some little money for these efforts.
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    Just put the players list into an Ajax container. JS forums are full of naive questions why the hell my js code is not run in ajax box? Well, here's a mootable (= mootools-powered zebra table with sorting, dynamic column widths, etc) run in ajax box And a pretty big table, too.
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    Finally come up with hooking up the marvelous GeoIP package (free database of ip-to-world-city). Now, when you hit TMM the first thing it does is look up your world location and select language for the interface, [currently of English French or Russian]. It also puts a site visitor home city to a list "today who visited us were from .." - cooking a nice evening pie. It looks like our Moscow lounge is mostly visited by moscovites, but occasional birds also occur from all other world. -- The other good thing I did is putting an ad to Facebook with promo of TMM. It gets something already. Certainly this is a way to drain funds from my PayPal card which I made this summer but hardly have had a chance to use since paying for the domain services.
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    I chose a different hosting plan from my TMM's provider and NOW IT RUNS TWICE AS FAST! Why should I not have done it before? It was very discouraging I suppose to see this wonderful program running THAT slow! I just wrote to the provider's support asking, guys, i've tracked timings for my pages, they are slow. They replied instantly, why don't you just try a better hosting plan? -- I also spen a week trying all types of Google ads system work for this site. I scrapped several scripts from other people and finally composed a working one for myself. What stunned me is that Google generally opens its ads in the same window with iframe, but "for some countries like China we find it more feasible to open a new window". O-kkkkay! Is Russia like China? They probably think so. If my IP tells them that I'm from this country, they just launch a new window and redirect the ad to it. But you don't have handles, and the parent window does not receive any status. Therefore, all those nice astrack.js scripts turn usless. Check for my script at the bottom of the TMM's start page to see how I bitched with this problem.