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Rotten tomatoes

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One more know-how: having many lounges in club is like having many rooms; you can redirect some club goers to some rooms by default; currently we have ~150 active club goers in our Moscow lounge, many enough to make some of us feel discomfortable in presence of each other. Good idea is to let people choose their default room. But this is for future; currently beyond one main room we have also Cat's lounge (my own one, for money talks and free atmosphere) and a room called BAR, being specific in foul language allowed. Not many of us would like to go there by default. In fact, no one. But some of us still tend to be unkind in the main room match comments. That's what happens then: we count number of people having given thumbs-down to comments on the last 20 matches ( i.e. matches default page). We count this number for everyone who's given their comments. If this number [for me] reaches some threshold (say, 12), I would enter the BAR and stay there untill new matches erase old ones in the top twenty page, and thence this number goes down below threshold; now I eneter back the main room. Call this number a 'thumbs-down rating', or 'rotten-tomatoes rating'.
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