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Perfidious Albion set clear

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I found recently a site very close in concept to what I've been trying to do. It is very helpful because their project is many times bigger in stats. Say, we have in our biggest Moscow lounge now 225 players with at least a match history, - while they boast 10,000. We have come up to over 1,000 matches a year, - and they 8,000, and so on. Their admin registered in 2001, me in 2006. Therefore we have 5 years lag in starting positions. I would like to learn about how they began and how their concept changed in time, as the number of players grew. Currently we can compare what we do and what they do, in many things we are alike, but many things are different. -- To begin with, forums. For us, the forum is not a tool for setting up a match, we use Tennis Match Machine for such purpose. They use forum for posting "Who wants to play?", and they seem to have no analogue of TMM. For us, forum is a place to socialize, sometimes disreputably. For them, no such thing appears at all. Second, their matches list has no "comments" column. 6/1,6/2 - that's it, no comments from participants or viewers. For us, its an important field of socializing, sometimes bitterly. In fact, they might have abandoned a large part of online socializing in favour of project growing numbers. I suppose that after they reached some level they might have had to do it, I mean, quit online socializing and limit it to some profile notes:" Hello, I live in Red Square, and play near it, call me, bye!"
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