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If you are about business

Rate this Entry - this is a 4-year-long (since 2006) lounge in Moscow Russia. We currently have >150 active players, > 1000 matches a year. This is a good business opportunity to set up a club anywhere in the world with Tennis Match Machine. As a club lounge admin, you may earn from club cards and from online ads. So, to begin with, a)you request to open a lounge; b) when the lounge is ready, you as its originator and admin invite your partners
and other tennis players in your city to join it; c) once the lounge is populated enough (~20 players), you use Tennis Match Machine advantages to quickly set up your matches and get stats calculated by the program; d) once the lounge is ~50 players, you begin to use club cards to raise money for offline events like tournaments; once the lounge is 100 players, you may earn from ads and raise more money and prizes for your tournaments. This is exactly how we do earn money to sustain our Moscow lounge. It's a growing business, look here on our progress from month to month.
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    Here is some more stats: counting only summer season matches (Apr 16 thru Oct 15), time series expanding for 5 years; RED (matches played), BLUE (players). Look, there was a drop in 2008; but we recovered all right.
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    I have translated both "FAQ" and "Rating" docs which I believe are crucial for understanding the TMM's ideology; don't miss them if you're in favor of TMM! Hope my English is tolerable.