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Olympiyskiy venue, Oct 2010

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Suddenly it's freezing October, no more open courts, venues 30$/h min - 70$/hr modest, etc. Kremlin Cup is here again; we are with Baghdatis, Russel first-timers, and a couple of former champs in quals (Mathieu lost to Krivoi in three sets today in the Q3; Kunitsyn passed to R32). Viktor Krivoi is a Roumanian with Russian looks and Ukranian-like name. [Krivoi means 'twisted' in Russian, however it's more typical of the Ukrainian to use an attributive as a person's last name.] I'm about to come at the first court tomorrow 11am to see a rising star Kuznetsov against Krivoi, and I will certainly be there not for cheering up the young guy. We are with several guys who never miss a tribute in MKC - Kukushkun, Golubev and Potito Starace. And the heat of the nigth would be Youzhnyi-Dadvdenko-Kunytsyn-Andreev (all former champs), and skewed Tursunov. No more Marat, alas. The girls compete too, as usually. It's so many new ones each year so I never try to catch up.
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