Build your own tennis lounge .. in your city

Google vs Facebook : giants landed on my small planet

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I applied recently for publishing Coocle ads on my site ( which had been approved. Now I started getting .10$ per click - glorious day! I meanwhile also applied for publishing my own ads on Facebook which proved to be very efficient in spending 1$/day getting 6-7 clicks (.14$ each click) every day and seeing my one-way Russian PayPal diminish my bank account. People who come from Facebook are bound to come and see Tennis Match Machine in action and are supposed to apply for opening their own TMMs in their home towns. Cairo lounge seems soon to be opened, I have this feeling as people from great Egyptian capital Cairo coming to a .. working TMM on motivation. Yes, I redirected traffic to motivation as it's a demo of more a hundred realtime users everyday. So my big plan is like this: we see a banner inviting to TMM, we click it (-0,14$ from my bank account), we come to, - we don't stop here yet - we are redirected to and take a look at the demo, then we say hmmm this stuff is COOL and follow this link back to either to get registered into some existing club [which we opted to call 'lounge'] or apply for creating a brand new one. This is the same dumbass grey page with a close-up of my Wilson PST90 of which I satirically wrote in some previous post. It's a page where I know we are 90% bounce off, and if we ever go further this is because we are those 10% who really understand what we are doing. This is the plan, and I tried to send us all along this way smoothly.
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