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Just finished with a huge cleanup of the code preparing a release for Sourceforge. Now the program is fully supported in Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome (all latest), 95% supported in IE8 and 75-80% in IE6. I like the way Safari does it - it's HOT! and fast, too. Chrome is just another Safari, really fast and nice-rendering. Firefox is my Linux browser for the last two or three years (and Mozilla before) so this program had been conceived thru FF and Mozilla, I confess, it's just native in it. I got a week absent from the world trying to fix alll of it inside the IE8, and I was rewarded with almost everything now works there, too. I just uploaded some screenshots to Sourceforge, here they are: - profiles stats list with a player profile box thru Chrome; - main window thru IE8; courts database thru Safari:

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