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remarkable ending of the year

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Basically this year has been a tremendous way up for me; I have done with it, and still much alive and so on. Although drained to the extent of watching NY cartoons and reading some English writer like .. noops watching cartoons again. All those criminals in power ( = theft, bribery, corrupt politicians, and FIFA); this country has wound up thousands kilometers of barbed wire in its past, and ready to spin off again. --" Icy rain" poured here last Saturday, collapsing voltage lines and making people fuss around with water tanks (fun); trees hardly stand, with each bough and branch and twig in an ice capsule, looking glassy and weird; and I doubt it happened before. -- Moscow tennis lounge [subj of this blog] is OK ( ), just short of twenty matches to score 1,000 matches a year; this is 50% growth to 2009. The other cities have not done so well, though. I believe 1,000$/year is good for any lounge. One can probably do well at 500$ and even 300$ in other parts of the world, but here in Moscow 1,000$ a year is good enough, I mean, to engine tournaments, Internet providers and Google support.
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