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I've recently calculated my mean of daily expenditures on providers for two sites are ~1$/day. So, if we want Google ads pay off these, we will need 10 times more clicking people, (10c/day currently). I'm rather concerned on the stats issues on both of TMM sites using google-analytics and a couple of runet-based counters. By March 1 this year, (M) used to collect 100 unique visitors a day, and (T) - only 10. Here we go and set up a redirect from M to T on March 2, and now it's vice versa - 100 a day on T and only 10 - on M. Everybody said Wow, because the program runs twice as fast on T than on M. I also wrote a number of scripts to sync the data on both sites, so when T fails there's a safe backward redirect to M. -- Monthly figures of overall club matches played this winter dropped from 80-90 to 30-40, since venues in Moscow are average 1200 ($40/hour) to play. It's a shame that up to 50% of these had been built prior to 1990s privatization, like Louzhniki. I read when a couple years ago city department in NYC were planning to put on inflatables in Central Park and how it didn't work due to people's concern on the prices. What happened here in Moscow in the 90s, is that nearly all Soviet-built sports venues were equally and simultaneously turned into "profit lands" and became owned by someone, instead of becoming subjects to a special city government departement.
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