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new club season has just begun

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Today is April 16 - means everything to the club leagues. Them leagues are overwritten every April 16 and October16, but today is special sixteenth because it's actually the first day I could pass by most of the sidewalk free of snow. What a start of the springtime this year! You tell me now about the global warm. -- The traditional Motivation Open is under way since today, too. We have two annual events - the MO mentioned, and Motivation Ladder summer through October. This year, we will have two draws on MO, the main draw and the handicap draw. The purpose is a)to protect the main draw players from coaches and ex-pros who are directed into handicap by default; b) to set up handicap as a harbour for those who find playing in the main draw difficult. Of course, most players would first think of the main draw, but the more they think (I'm sure) the better handicap will look.
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