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Summing up stats in 2013

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We have dropped in 2013,= in total matches as much as 21%, there had been only 1544 of them, S and D combined. We're still growing in some other ways, too, 2% growth in total players of the past year (258 ppl). I reckon, fewer matches because of worsening turf for amateur (possibly, the same as with the professional) tennis in Moscow, Russia. The court prices have grown again; how do I know it? Vere well, indeed. Having all data sent there by players for each individual match, then using TMM program for automatically running queries. I like the way stats is accumulated inside TMM, year by year.

So, after growing smoothly up 22%(!) in 2012, as it follows from the less detailed stats summary I did for the last year, in 2013 the mean hour price in Moscow had grown again. Ok, let's see, how much: ~2,512,000 RR spent for total 1544 matches; of these, there is exact data for 1341 matches (S+D), i.e., for 87% of matches. Further on for the convenience of the analysis I shall consider only the data for 10 months, 03-12.2013, 5 in winter and 5 summer. I'll take in account only matches where some money was actually paid, omitting those where people played either on legally free courts (yes, there are some in Moscow, but very, very few, no more than ten (!) for a city of 12M population), or on those privately owned, free for owners, their friends, etc.

From March through December (i.e.,in 10 months), there had been counted 1256 such matches (S+D), and 1,955,300 RR had been spent by 239 people, to buy the total of 2,046 hours in 98 courts locations in Moscow; i.e., the mean price was 956 RR per hour. Minimal pph was 240RR, max 2,500RR/h.

In summer only (05.2013 - 09.2013, 5 months), there had been played 687 matches, 910,200 RR, 1137.5 hrs., 79 addresses of courts, 191 players; i.e., 800 RR per hour (summer only, 2013).

In winter months (03-04.2013 and 10-12.2012, also 5 months), when there were almost no matches played outdoors, the figures are the following: 175 players played 569 matches in 43 different locations in Moscow, having spent 1,045,100 RR to buy 908.5 hours, i.e. 1,050 RR/h (winter 2013).

More stats later, maybe. And yes, 1 USD was generally 33 RR in 2013.Name:  891f3f68_small.jpg
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UPDATE: if you're interested you may take a look at a video showing live calculation of stats with TMM at

And a somewhat better quality video, in Russian

UPDATE: a nice online chart tool to make a graph to show the price per hour dynamics in 2010-2013

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