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Live vs. Dead-End

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Just visited yet another Joomlah tennis site (category: tennis social network; tennis groups). Another attempt to pile up people's hopes to find a mate or opponent into a dead-end room. I have photographed usual day's activity in our Moscow lounge, a browser screenshot at 11.52 A.M, Thursday, -- there is a remarkable difference between them, isn't there? Oh, I forgot to give a link to a d-e-a-d-end!.. never mind. They are the same everywhere, profiles and suggestions 'May be play?' Ok, now about my screenshots:

A. This is a start page. The main control menu (1) is a 12-button group opening new windows, it's pretty neat and live like mercury, if you place the cursor above. I had used Mootools a lot to get those effects elsewhere on the page. The below part of the window is our stockhouse of current offers. It's the core of Kleo's Tennis Match Machine, much revered be it. The above (3) is the geographic menu to easily change between lounges and locations.

B. It's the players list, opens up from main menu 'Players' button. It contains the profiles info and summary stats for players in a sortable table. It's also cursor-dependent, opening the profile info's, links, etc, under the cursor on page.

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    More screenshots of the stuff:

    A: This is a court reservation online utility; written back in 2007; it takes online courts info from the courts host site and converts it into online-clickable format on my site; it was a good and challenging task, programming this kind of interface. I hope some day it is used:

    B. This is a courts WIKI start page: the nested accordion mootools taken from a German site

    C. This is a forum: simple but effective, and almost everybody likes it:

    D. This is page with matches played, in date order. Anybody can leave a comment: