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3.0 lounge split

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So far, so good with the stats - we are 70% grown since March, hitting 200 unique visitors a day and 7 matches per day played in August in Moscow lounge. This also increases Google money flow, to be enthsuastic about this project. We have a troubled country in a period of oil-sucking stability that's about to crash as soon as oil prices drop; and as a troubled country, it has a rudimentary democracy with higher corruption and crime. -- No wonder then, a bad tendency in the club to chastize tennis newbies; I have always tried to be protective about them, working out some program-specific features. Finally, to get a profound solution, there is a split lounge for 3.0 players, making room and filtering out everything from upper levels. This seems to work, to my great satisfaction. Both rooms are now much calmer. -- I've been cleaning the code immensly after this major rewriting and waiting for public to help me debug the code. In a week or so, a new release of TMM featuring "rooms" will appear on CVS, I hope. [ at]
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    Please watch this! This is a video of my friend and he is trying to go pro someday! he doesnt know that i posted this haha. Watch and pass it along! Thanks!