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October is here again: Results of summer season

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We have grown 28% by the 2011:

That is, the lower curve shows the number of people having played through summers 2006-2011 (grown 28% since last year); the upper one shows the number of matches in the same period (grown about 60% for the same period). That's only one city stats, the other two cities have also improved this year, but since this has been only their second year, their combined total is still about 25% of the stats for Moscow alone. We have altogether played over 1,100 matches in 180 days, that's 6 per day, compare this to some 20 matches per day played for a similar but rather more spinned-off web project for London (; well, the more matches played by more people that's what it is all about concerning Tennis Match Machine.

We are currently having a 20th installment of Kremlin Cup, I've been to it since 2001, this year I would say it's even more boring, fewer visitors; maybe its good for players, though. Heat of seeing great tennis stars like Safin or Dementieva always seemed to gather crowds at Olimpiyski, but really, I can't fathom why better tennis names fall now to Stockholm or the other WTA event.
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