Build your own tennis lounge .. in your city

Belgrade as new tennis site for TMM and hence my trip there

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Why Belgrade? It's simple - sunny warm weather in November. I played three times in four days, - in the sun and on red clay. I also ventured to ask the same question "What do you do when you want to play and no partner?" - let's say, about ten times to various guys there. The whole a lot answered (looking upon my Kindle screen with free 3g picture of TMM in it): yeah, I see what you mean, but.. arguments I heard before a thousand times, - you are a Coca-Cola agent and they are selling lemonades. Thats's the problem with the tennis professionals - when they first get the idea of my program, they don't like it because it's their worst nightmare come true. - Nuts! Why not think twice and call me later? "I see the ways I can use this program for my own sake. Do you mind?" - "No, of course I don't. Get the best of it you can." - "Then let me some extra rights to get the thing set up in this city and have my incomes double soon." - "No problem, go ahead". Those imaginery dialogs never occured. Belgrade still has all the potential for TMM, it's amazing how many people play tennis there just to enjoy it. And court prices are quite affordable, too.( 6 euro an hour in the open.) -- The city is quite lovely, and Serbian food is also very good. You get over Skadarlie in the night and walk until you see a wooden peasant statue, that's a corner with excellent choice of rakia and fish fried and seasoned with fern (we call it "orlyak" in Russia).
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