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some more charts on growth dynamics

Rate this Entry - I had taken this data from our matches database, trying to figure out how much time, money and how many people it takes to play each new one thousand matches of the club; I knew it took us almost three years to count the first thousand, but the more people combined, the more matches played; but I did not expect what this kind of analysis led to : in the last 18 months we seem to have stopped growing : the 4-th thousand (190 days, 190 people); the fifth thousand (185 days, 187 people); the 6-th and the last sofar - 197 days, 195 people. !! The same number of people (~190) in the same period (~half year) played the same number of matches (1000), three times in a row.. and still we have a growing dynamics in new registrations, so the newer players seem to play less, uh? Not with the money, - the price of a "match" (total sum divided by 1000) grew 22% in 18 months, from 1,273 to 1,559 RUR per match, both summer and winter prices combined in about the equal size; that is, from US$40 to $US50 per match. No wonder in this country top level tennis's somehow close to extinction - this is not only in Moscow with its ~1000 playgrounds, its a general tendency to wipe off the zero-level sports as a whole.
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