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It's almost 7 years since I rewrote an application for money disbursement planning (my own code) into a tennis match stats engine. So far, so good: Moscow, Russia, and we are quite popular here, but now overwhelmingly. We've just finished another good tournament (Motivation Open 2013), and to-date stats shows 267 people have played 1792 matches, S/D combined, in 365 last days, all play together spending a total of 2,872,000 RUR on greedy court owners. Yes, court prices per hour here are amazingly high and soaring ~ 20% a year. In May, I was lucky to travel away (Spain again), finding a tennis location with five ground courts, amid pines and meadows, no street noise, etc. Just 8E per hour, this is like 330RUR. Where I live I play now a couple of times a week, 500 RUR per hour, street noise, etc. But closer to the big city center, the price would be min 700RUR/hour for open air ground, and half of our people playing normally for 1000RUR. This is 25E/hour, btw. No cheap solar batteries, eco-friendly parks and homes, etc, just a bare groud stripe to push each other a slow ball is 25E an hour. A shame.
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