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Vodka vs. Tennis: a battle of price.

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Just quizzed Google on how much is to play tennis, one, in summer New York, Central Park. == $15/1 hour , single time play.
Two, how much is vodka in US? It says it's around $15 for half-liter. Ok, it's one 0.5L bottle of vodka for 1 hr. of summer tennis in N.Y. (approximately). Now, in Moscow Russia, summer tennis price in 2011 was around R750/1 hour, that is, $25. But it's 5 bottles of vodka; we've come up with cheap vodka quite recently due to Putin's friends being leaders (may be sole owners now) of this liqueur trade. Never before vodka had been cheaper, not anything like in Soviets time which I remember myself quite well. Well, three hours of tennis cost as much as 1 bottle of vodka, in general, in the 80s here. Goddamit, Mr. Putin.
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