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Proceeded with small and new features recently; remarkable, added a "news roller" ! - a hybrid between FB and Twitter; anyone can place a few words on what they've just seen or where they've just been, etc. -- Also, wrote a parser that's moved the 5.5 years of arhive from my own creation garbage-looking format to sweet-looking phpBB; anyone here ever tried to? that's a deed; well, look now - it did keep the niknames, dates, etc. More dollars a day for me from the Google ads program. -- Keep visual thing coming (like avatars for players in comments list); also added a blacklist feature, as we say it, "po mnogochislennym prosbam" (i.e. because of numerous requests)..Well, the spring is coming, me planning another Red Sea voyage for myself and the family, (last December, too). Have packed some nice literature on my Kindle reader, and will enjoy almost no-internet in almost no-liqueurs country.

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