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new release of TMM software

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Well, this new package comes from Sourceforge as before; major improvements, adding a combination of new match-like sports and a new user interface, which looks generally more narrow to fit into a mobile device; BTW 20% of using TMM comes from the mobile now (from about 2-3% a couple years ago). I've also ajaxed the pages, making those smooth transitions between pages, (hope you know). -- We're currently 9% down in number of played matches compared to July 2012 (1740 vs. 1920); but we're up in number of players who have recorded their matches (264 ppl. ) - so, more people have played fewer matches, how can that be? ... We've had a nice Motivation Open tournament this spring, with 48 reg. participants (4x12 draws) like South vs North, East vs West of Moscow. That was in May and June, and currently it's Motivation Ladder 2013 under way, and all local stars shine again.
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