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  1. John
    This is the first Social Group message!
  2. luvyoyoma1954
    What is the topic or area of interest for this social forum??
  3. John
    This Social Group is mainly just for testing out the new site feature and so members can learn how to use it.
  4. luvyoyoma1954
    Any suggestions on how i can help with the test site??
  5. John
    Well, probably the best way for you to help with Social Groups in general would be to create one or more once you are able to (when you pass 25 messages posted on TW). You could create a group for some friends and invite them to join it. It would be a big help just to show everyone how these groups can be used.
  6. Coach
    This idea occurred to me over the Holidays. I've mentioned something of this int he past but allow me to elaborate a little. As I see it, John has created a meeting place for people to come and discuss their experience(s) with passion for and/or interest in the Sport of Tennis. For John, as I've come to learn, it's more about the place than the subject matter and for that I admire. So there's 5 words that draw me like a Moth to a Flame; Tennis, Football, Music, Politics & Harleys. So we have these people that come here for all purposes and we thrive to keep them interested so that this Forum thrives and grows but who are these people? John, has gotten to know me a little through the communications we've shared however I have no idea who others are despite my efforts in trying. Maybe we can create a sort of 'Get to know each other' kinda of Thread or Section of the Forum.

    One in which these Handles & Avatars take form. I've learned a little about Tennisteen because she's been quite literal in describing her struggles along with her family and although I've never met her or family, I feel the frustration she's conveyed. Then there's Tennis Angel who is passionate about Oscar Wegner although little else has she shared.

    We have a collection of names and I have no idea if these names are associated with kids, elderly, maybe a guy who calls himself a woman or a teaching pro that is really sitting at home in a wheelchair living through someone else's life.

    If Members would like to share a little about their lives, a generalization of where they live, where they've been, what they've done and what they aspire towards. Maybe we can all help because the greatest gift of all is when you think someone cares about who you are.
  7. TennisMind
    Hi everyone,
    My name is Brian Hall and I have been an avid tennis player for most of my life. I was glad to find a group like this, I can't wait to discuss the tournaments and players.

    Nice to meet all of you,

    Brian Hall
  8. _greg_
    Thanks for the Link Brian and the Test site John !!!

    Been playing Tennis for 25 Years ( as high as AA ), played in HS and now playing in North Georgia ( Alpharetta : ) and lookin' forward talking to possibly hittin' with other Tennis Players !!!


  9. NatalieDiroma
    Hello group:
    I am a tennis and health coach and I'd love to share with you a program I've set to start with my team starting next week. Please if you are interested in finding out more about the 5 Week Buster Boot Camp click here and looking forward to interact with this group.
    Be well.
  10. NatalieDiroma
    This first week went really well and it's wonderful to be able to help people to reach their goals. Take a break and come down to play in Hilton Head. It's a great weather now and you can truly relax in the natural beauty of this great island.
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