New movies you want to see?

  1. John
    Are there any new movies coming out that you want to see?

    I caught a preview of some movie titled "Knowing" with Nicholas Cage in it. It has me curious... if I get the chance I'm going to go see it.

    I'm also awaiting the movie about 2012 that's supposed to be coming out this summer.
  2. Coach
    My Wife & I saw 'Knowing' this past weekend. We are Nicolas Cage Fans therefore we tend to see anything he's in. Good Movie - Not an original film concept - take off from another movie done not too long ago - acting was fair - special effects - poor in almost all scenes except the 'Big Finish' which was done very well. All in all - on a scale of 1-10 I'd give Knowing a 5+ However the month of May well bring forth a bevy of fantastic films. I mean there's four movies all releasing in May that I prayed to God to allow me to see.You know, please don't let me die before I get to see these kinda thing
    Star Trek
    Angels and Demons - With Tom Hanks
    Woverine Origin of Woverine from the X-Men
    The Terminator As you can see, I'm all about the Sci-Fi stuff. Give me some Popcorn and shut the hell up
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