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Thread: good racket?

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    punkhamsters Guest

    good racket?

    im a begginer and i would like to know what a good type or brand of racket i should use....

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    Dec 2003
    Dude, to me, a racquet is a racquet. I got one by Athletech. I'd never even heard of it before, but it's working out .

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    AAAAH, no!!!! a racquet isn't just a racquet!!!!!! everyone has their own personal preferences and needs when it comes to choosing a racquet, maybe you want more power or prefer more control. being a beginner that may not be so important to you, so i would recommend an oversize with a lot of power, and as you become more proficient at tennis you may want to stick with the oversize racquets or move to smaller racquetheads with more control. it's your choice though

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    Jan 2004

    tennis racquet

    All tennis brands have their own level of tennis racquets. Although Dunlop is very good and known world wide. Start with solid frame like all graphite. Stay away from anything that says, graphite fusion or composite. These are mostly aluminum racquets with enough graphite to legally use the term on the frame. Grip should be on the large side to avoid using too much wrist during play. For guys about a 4 1/2 or 4 5/8 inch grip is good for ladies a 4 3/8 or 4 1/2 inch is good. Email me and I'll help some more.
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    Zylon360 Guest
    I totally disagree with the post preceding mine. You must carefully measure your own hand to establish a proper grip size. Ah, but that is not all. you must demo a racquet with that same size and decide for yourself. Not all hands are the same size and some have different needs.

    Now, as to getting a powerful racquet that is OS, this is also not the best advice. It is better if one adds his/her own power to get a racquet that is more useful for controlling the shot as this is really the backbone to any good tennis player. Control, Control, Control. It can not be overemphasized enough!

    As far as a racquet with only graphite? Hmmmm. I question this. Depending on the stiffness of the racquet, the player needs to be careful in this area as long-term effects on the body are in the making here. Hey, unless you are a pro playing for a million at the US open, then let the shots go that would potentially cost you your high priced racquet or potentially your knee, back or ankle!

    Hey, but don't listen to me, go right out and pick up that Andre Agassi sighned Head and be your own boss!

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    Unregistered Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by punkhamsters
    im a begginer and i would like to know what a good type or brand of racket i should use....
    i would recommend a midrange racqut, one with a little of both worlds, power...and control. I also recomend an oversize head for a greater sweet spot. 4 and 3/8 is about the middle handle size and any of the top tree racquet such as head, prince, or wilson is an execlellent choice. Two recommendations are the prince Bandit and Prince Scream.

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    Sep 2005
    Yonex all the way

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    Aug 2005
    1st is federer's wilson racquet is sooooooo good!
    2nd is agassi's head racquet
    3rd is roddick's babolat racquet

    p.s all of these racquet are control racquet!

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    It's personal choice. If you play with anything right now then you can work out what suits you based on your style.

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