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    Junior competitors-practice schedules

    This thread is intended for juniors who live in cold climates. If you are a junior competitor or the parent of one, what sort of practice/playing schedule do you keep? Does it change in the winter? Do you have access to indoor courts? Have you found some creative ways to deal with winter practice while keeping costs down? Has it kept you competitive? Thank you for any advice you can offer.

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    well im 13 and play indoors all winter, have u heard of lifetime fitness? its a very big fitness club and almost all have tennis courts but for like $500 you get to play 5 times a week at mine with pros watching and giving instruction, also courts are like $10 an hour if you cant find 1 of these or somthing like it find a school gym and hit off a wall thats good practice 2

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    Unfortunately I play outdoors throughout winter,
    I usually train at a tennis centre a couple of street down. It does have several indoor courts but as I am classified as a 'Junior' I can't buy a full membership which allows access to all courts, so I can only play outdoor.
    And also, One other thing I'd like to point out.
    When I go to places like Hisense arena, eg. they have indoor gyms, so a tiny tip would be to go into the gyms and practice for a bit. It will warm you and because tennis requires a lot of movement you can easily warm up.
    Of course not every tennis club, arena exc. offers gyms but still just going on a 3 lap jog around the court can easily warm you up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robyna View Post
    Unfortunately I play outdoors throughout winter,
    how is that a bad thing? outdoors is better

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    New England
    Well of course I trust that for those of you that responded to this inquiry, the original Post was made in Sept. of 2006 and the Posters is no longer available to see what the replies are. However given it got a few replies, apparently some still find this question of interest.

    I suppose we are assuming Indoor facilities are not readily available so it would appear there are only a handful of options but first we must also assume we're talking about Tennis being played in undesirable conditions, like freezing cold.

    You could take a hiatus and attempt to pick it up again once the weather changes.
    You can seek out indoor Racquetball Courts if Indoor Tennis Courts are not around. I used Racquetball Courts often and found them to be adequate for keeping the feeling pf your groundstrokes up to par. You will however need to place some sort of Net indicator on the back wall to guide you.

    Or you can travel to the closest Town that has Indoor Courts. Many facilities that offer Winter Tennis generally host Winter Leagues that are most Doubles
    Playing doubles doesn't have to be a sacrifice if singles is your preferred game. You can gain a lot from Doubles that will help you greatly for your Singles Play when summer comes back around again.
    The only acceptable loss is when your opponent was better than you on that given day.
    It is never acceptable to lose when your opponent was not.

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    Mar 2009
    Unfortunately I play outdoors throughout winter,
    Yes, I do love outdoors. But in winter, well, not so much. It takes time to warm up and fully get into the game, so, in winter I just like indoors that tiny bit more.

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