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    Nadal declining?

    Nadal seems to be declining on the court. After beating Federer in 4 straight
    events, he hasn't won a single tournament:he only won 5 tounaments in 2006

    Is he suffering from injuries? Is he starting to burnout? Will he give Federer a match at the French Open 2007?

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    Nov 2006

    Nadal is still around

    Although i'm not found of his game, I don't think he's declining.
    I guess playing on clay is physically more demanding and giving a clear advantage to those players keeping the ball in with long rallies.
    So the season seems to be a bit long for him and his game not fast enough to catch Federer's performance.
    I think Federer is so good he let us think tennis is too easy even at a high level.
    It's a real shame for the players of his generation, cause it'll be very hard for them to get any real consideration.
    Despite this, Federer's giving a tremendous contribution to the quality of the game, but Nadal is still n2 and will see what he gives at spring time (?).

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    Nov 2005
    I think 05 to 06 was pretty emotional for nadal, highs and lows. He has to gruel against the best just to get to play the best, federer.

    He's gotta definitely work on his consistency but I think he'll give Federer some tough matches this year for Sure.
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    May 2007

    Nadal is the best

    I Love Nadal He could lose every point and I wouldn't care he'll still look great even if he lost

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    Federerkid10 Guest
    Nadal is pathetic! All He does is rally, to tire out his opponents

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    Quote Originally Posted by Federerkid10 View Post
    Nadal is pathetic! All He does is rally, to tire out his opponents
    whys that pathetic? if it works.....

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    Nadal has achieved what he can. Bur don't count him out.

    Hello, I am new here, and confused. I could not get into the part where it said "click" here for the Introductions Forum. All I saw were thread, and mostly related to people selling tennis-related items. Finally saw the Tennis Forums, and then some tennis comments.
    When I saw Nadal for the first time, I thought him exciting, but annoying too. After a while, I saw this game was one-dimensiona. At this stage, I think he may have acheved most of what he can, but I wouldn't count him out.
    I think Federer is the best player, despite Djokovic. I have also seen Djokovic's weaknesses, in his game, and psychologically, mentally. I do not care for the "mouth" campaign he is running, but trying to psyche out the World #1. Just let him play on court; that's all that is required!
    Djokovic though, got beaten by Roddick in Dubai--very fitting I thought, since Fed was out of the picture. What's interesting is that both Nadal and Djokovic were defeated by players agains who Federer regularly prevails. What does that tell you? All the pundits talking about the draw at INdian Wells; young Murray was twice lucky to get Federer when he was not at his best. Don't see the lasting quality in him, and steadiness, and a pulled together strategy working consistently. Sure, he will do better, but I think he has his own limitations, gamewise, and physically too.
    At any rate, is this appropriate, my comments here? Or should each subject be restricted to the one such as the one on Nadal?
    It would be nice to have some guidance in this area. I am a Federer fan, above all, but there are other players whom I like to see win--unless they are up against Federer.

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    Mar 2008
    nadal has a head to head record with federer of 8-6
    he has a head to head record with djokovic 2-1
    and he has beaten murrays ass evry time so i say

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    It's april 6th and neither Federer or nadal has a won a tournament. What's going on? And, why is there all this advertisement all over tennisw?

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    I guess the poster from april 6'th worried about Rafa and Fed not winning yet, must feel at least 50% better since rafa is on a winning streak.

    I will be watching closely after the clay season is over and the grass season begins. I hope the second half of this year is better than the second half of last year.

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    Apr 2006
    UK - Surrey
    Watch Nadal now French Open 2008 and Queen's Club London 2008, I think you will have a different opinion !

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    Harwin, In what way would I have a different opinion from the one I gave??

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    Apr 2008
    Flagstaff, AZ
    I think it will be a strong year for Nadal, barring injuries. Great French Open! and last years Wimby was close--My vote is for Nadal in 4 this year.

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    I agree 100% about this is his year bar injuries and about winning Wimbledon also. I am not sure what you mean by Nadal in 4 this year??

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