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Thread: Need Help

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    Need Help

    Ok, thanks in advance to help:

    I play really well in clinics and lessons that I take. But then when I play with the other guys who I'm competing against for spots on my high school teams I seem to tense up and play way worse than I know I'm capable of playing. I try to tell myself to loosen up and just play my game but that only seems to make me play worse. Does anyone have advice that can possibly help me?

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    tennis is an experience the more people you play the better you get , you start to analyze and read people weakness , and you get stronger mentally , then you start to improve and compete , patience is the key , work hard , with time you will get there .

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    I was, and to a degree, still am the same way. What is helping me is just playing more matches.

    Is there a tennis ladder in your area that you could join?

    I did that and the various people I play have really helped me to see a broad range of play and I've then been able to learn to deal with the various looks I'll see in a match. I'm also able to work on my mental game and adjusting my outlook throughout a match.

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    1 part practice to 2 parts matches

    I am a tennis instructor and I run into people all the time who want to perfect their strokes and they practice all the time only to become great practice partners. But when it comes time to play they fall apart because the balls are coming back over the net in all different ways. The best thing to do in your situation is play lots of matches and pick out your weaknesses to work on in practice. Good Luck!

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    I've played in a couple tourneys. I'm 5-3 right now. It's weird, I seem to play better against people I don't know than people I do. Well soon I'll have a chance to redeem myself. If I still have problems I'll let you guys know.

    Thanks for the advice.

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    The answer is simple. i had a similiar problem. Alot of the people on high school teams hit the ball slower, sometimes weaker, and give high balls. I was more accustomed to faster pace balls and heavy weighted shots. I will suggest a couple of things. 1.) If you find your missing easy balls always revert to Oscar Wegner method. 2.) If you find that your not missing balls and their out hitting you then you have to play more aggressive. 3.) Try to keep the ball on your racquet as long as possible.-- this will help you get better control of the ball. Hitting the ball in an arching circular motion will help you get more topsin on the ball. So dont just try and hit straight forward. 4.) I now know that i can play better when i have the racquet out more in front. I use to underestimate the players ability so i just got as close as i could and didnt move out of the way, i was so close to the ball i just pushed it, but thats not good. No matter how slow a ball is coming to you step aside, sideways, and take the ball out in front, not too close to your body.5.) One thing my coach never taught me and i recently read is when hitting your forehand make sure your bicep is almost touching your chin. My bicep use to be around my chest which isnt good. 6.) i think one of the most important things is also to not take big swings in the beginning until your use to the slow speed.
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