yoyoyo. First post :]

anyways. Recently i've been thinking about changing rackets. Right now i play with

Babolat: Pure Drive Mid+ Cortex (Regular Not Team nor Roddick)
Strings: X-Cel Premium (Multifilament)

Recently i moved from a two-handed backhand to a one handed backhand. I have pet-peeves about making my strokes elegant.

My playstyle:

Serves: Currently with this racket i serve crazy dynamically. For the schools i play against nowadays my first serve can definetely keep it unreturnable or if anything it will be a weak return. Serves are probably what i worked on alot, so i dont really depend on my racket to do that much.


FH- Pretty good spin and direction, can keep it deep. If returns come to this side too much i can end the point quickly.

BH- A little bad. My direction is slightly off, i hit deep, and at times can be inconsistent. Im definetely all defensive if the ball gets to high to my backhand .

Volleys: easy...for me. not something im really looking for.

Overall: I used to whip the ball crazy recklessly attempting to end things quickly, hence the Babo, but i think i need to change it. You can win crap if you just hit hard all the time.

I am thinking about changing because i feel that the babo is not a one-hand back hand racket. Especially since of its lack of slicing abilties and control.
What i have thot about are:

Wilson: nCodes?- 90, 95, nPro open
k-factor- 90, 95?
Head: flexpoint- prestige?
LM- prestige, radical?
Yonex: RDS- 001?

The above ones i mentioned are ones that have a high control rating.
Yet even at the same time i dont want to lack power either. This is where i like the k90 because of its semi-high ish power rating.
But yea im in for any kind of suggestion any of you have. :]