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    SERENA ROCKED Maria's World!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS to Serena Williams! You showed what true determination is all about. You showed some very wicked shots. Excellent Stuff!


    You should now get the big contracts.

    On another note, the charge that Maria's dad got for coaching, that was petty cash. He should have been charged a lot more, like over $10,000 like some other players get charged. Hopefully he learns a lesson from that, that you can't get away time and time again with the same old crap.

    Now Serena, you've gained back some respect. No matter what, you'll always be a great champion for the rest of your life.

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    The Oz Open has just been an amazing road for her. She came in ranked #81 in the world and unseeded only to become #14 and beat the #1 seed. Serena had about 65 aces, around 5 of them in the final match alone, and currently holds the record for fastest serve for the '07 Oz Open. She is also undefeated in the Oz Open.

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    Hey Darkshadow,

    It sure has been an amazing run for Serena. I hardly ever use the word "amazing" unless it's really worth it. This is worth it for Serena.

    I believe that not too many people were expecting this from her. Iíve read all sorts of comments about her being out of shape. Well, if this is out of shape, sheís pretty damn good, beating everyone else who is supposed to be in shape. But thatís people for you.

    The good thing is that Serena is able to prove again and again why she should be recognized for the rest of her life as being one of the top tennis players, ever. That determination of hers is what it takes to be a champion. I know a lot of the players and Iíve seen players play so many times that are very talented, but if you donít have that determination and belief in yourself, you arenít going anywhere.

    They also said that she was the first unseeded player to win the Australian Open since 1978. Itís so refreshing that she can come back and bring up her ranking from 81 to 14, beating the #1 seed. The number of aces, GEE, she was awesome tonight. She definitely showed that she was there to win it. She wanted it and therefore she got it.

    Itís great to see a nice post from you.

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    SERENA ROCKED Maria's World

    I just want to congratulate Serena on the Amazing Match Down Under. With Serena and Venus back on tour I am looking forward to some exciting tennis. If Serena wasn't in shape during that match, I want to see her when she get's in shape.

    It will be interesting to see how the other players adjust to the hitting power of the sisters, especially Martina Hingis. If Serena can hit aganist Maria like she did. What will she do to Hingis? I beleive that's why Hingis retired. She could not compete with the hitting power.

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    Serena sure did a great job. Venus did a good job in Tennessee. Good for her. They are the only two that I know that can take time off like they due or sustain injuries like they do and come back swinging like that. Whereas there are so many players that have been out there who canít even win one tournament. Serena and Venus are obviously naturally gifted. I believe for them too that when youíve accomplished that much in life, you start to pace yourself as far choosing your tournaments carefully. This is a pretty wise thing to do, even though I know that many would like to see them play more. Iíd like to see them play more myself because they have so much to offer the sport. Itís good that they can make decisions on their own and not have extremely bossy-ass parents controlling their lives day and night.

    You are absolutely right, Hingis sure did retire when Venus and Serena started coming around. I remember when she was giving them all that lip in the beginning and teaming up with other players to turn against them. All of that has changed, but the sport still has a lot farther to go. After that whipping that Serena gave to Sharapova, she hasnít been able to shake out too many of those stars yet.
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