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    new player Guest

    tips for a new player?

    I'm new at playing tennis. Started mainly as a way to help keep in shape, but I really like playing and want to improve my game as much as possible. Maybe some day I will get involved in amateur tournaments.

    Anyhow... Does anyone have any suggestions for a newbie player? I'm know about the basic swings & spins... I guess I'm looking to learn about practice exercizes I can do. Also, what kind of weight training would best help me? I'm thinking mostly forearm & arm exercizes along with using a stairmaster machine at high intensity.

    Any tips?


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    Unregistered Guest
    I think getting a good pro to give you lessons and get signed up for drills. You can find these any any tennis club. Ask other players you know for their in-put on local pro's. A good one can take years off your learning curve.

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    get your legs in shape

    When the legs fail the body will fall. I have noticed with myself that it is my legs that get tired first and that makes everything more difficult. Footwork may be the single most important aspect of the game of tennis, ie. you can NOT hit a shot with good form/technique if you are not in the right position.

    Other tips (you've heard b4 I'm sure)-
    1. Get your raquet back early. Don't try and take it back and hit it in the same stroke.

    2. Keep your eyes on the ball. (duh) Seriously though try and watch the ball hit your strings before you look up.

    3. You are not a professional player- (not yet anyways) you don't need to crush the ball every time you make contact, you can't win the point if you dont keep it in play. (I put this in for myself). Another thing the pros do that most cant (consistently)is they hit forehands with both feet facing the net. Proper form is to turn sideways. (forehand or backhand)

    4. Practice your serve. Practice practice practice. If you dont have someone to play with just bring a bucket of balls and start hitting serves. Work on placement.

    5. Try and play with people who are better than you. It will help your game, trust me.

    6. When playing singles, make sure your ground strokes clear the net by a few feet. (Another of my big problems, I learned to play tennis playing doubles and was always taught to keep it low). Clearing the net high will do a couple of things. It will help your consistency (you wont hit the net) and it will help you hit the ball deeper. Your goal should be to hit close to the baseline this keeps your opponent pinned back.

    7. Play every chance you get and have fun.

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    get some lessons.

    read books

    watch videos

    hit against a brick wall

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    Apr 2004
    Saudi Arabia
    am a new player too and I wish that I had a chnce to play tennis earlier.
    any way, I found out a very effective way to imporve my game which is by watching pro mathces. try to watch any turnment and find out why this player won and why the other lost. Figure out what are the factors of good playing and bad playing. I also recomend to wathc vidioes more than one time with concentrating in diffrent aspect every time you see.

    having a good coatch will help you much especially if he tries to hit with for long times.

    However, I need you people to give me some exercises to do on the court either alone or with partner ( I don't have a coatch at this time)

    am waiting for your help

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    Join Date
    Jul 2004
    New Zealand
    do lots of skipping take small steps be on balance all the time get side on to the shot and step into it use your body weight to generate pace watch player like Federa who moves so smoothly and hits with great accuracy follow through on all shots racquet should end up over your left shoulder , learn to serve properly and smoothly practice this alone it is a vital part of your game if they cant break your serve they have to win a tiebreaker to bear you ,
    It takes years to create a good tennis player

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    Get a racquest that has some tennis elbow prevention technology....esp if you are not a teenager

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    Dec 2007
    how about investing in oscar wegner's video. i've seen it and i recommend it to any newbie that's learning the game.

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