Q: my main questions are dealing with the tennis serve
and the muscles used in the motion. the first question
deals with if there is any inverse pull from the
trophy or launch position. meaning does the lower body
push forward while the arm is going back kind of like
you are going in two different directions at once.

My second question deals with the stomach or ab
muscles and how to use these when serving. I have
heard that you contract and push up with these muscles
when serving but really don't understand how this
works and what it should feel like. any assistance
would be appreciated.

thank you,


A: To answer your question on the serve, I
think the best way to describe the feeling is pushing up with your legs while
catapulting forward with your stomach. However when you contract your muscles you
are not contracting your stomach muscles inward but rather contracting them up
and out. If that doesn't make sense let me know and I will try and explain
better. Also try tossing the ball further to the left (if you are right handed)
this will force you to use your body to hit the ball in addition to your arm as
opposed to when you throw the ball to far to the right you have to extend to far
and lose power and control. Think about if you were using a pulley to pull a
large weight forward over your head. You wouldn't extend your arm out and to the
side but would pull forward with your arm bent over your head and use your legs
and stomach to pull the weight forward. Again this is hard to explain over email
so if it doesn't make sense let me know and I'll try again. Let me know if this
helps and good luck.