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    Feb 2004

    one-handed or two-handed backhand?

    There is a discussion about what is the better backhand. I would like to know what you think.
    I think since there is the two-handed backhand, there are more players with strong backhands, especially on the women´s tour.
    If you compare them, they´ve both their advantages, but the two-handed backhand is easier to learn and you have a better control over the ball.

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    i don't think it's true that the two handed backhand is easier to learn, at least not for everyone. I have a friend who can't hit a two-handed backhand worth beans, all he hits are one handed slice backhands, he has trouble putting topsin on the ball on the backhand side. I myself hit a two-handed, but i hate it. I would love to have a one-hander, i think you get a lot more topspin and power, but i just don't have the coordination and timing for it

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    rick Guest
    You will find that both have their advantages. in most cases 2 handed b'hands have more pace and control on certain shots. The return of serve is def. easier with two hands as your racket is more stable and hiting high balls is easier. On the other hand the 1 hnded b'hand allows for more variation. Chip and charge is easier short angle slices work well also. In reality the court surface will bring out the pro's and con's of each bachand. Clay and Har-tru for 2 handers and super fast for 1 handers it is a wash on hardcourts usually.

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    As rick said its more stable using using 2 hands.ppl sometimes use one hand when they think they cant reach the ball.2 handed backhand is used if u have correct pace and it will have much more power than one handed

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    Mar 2004
    The two handed backhand is used by most of the players, and it is much easier to control. Also it gives you more power since you are using your right hand. personally my backhand is even stronger than the forehand.

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    Nov 2003
    Ukraine, Kiev
    to Larisa:

    where do you play? let's have some sparring together?

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    Join Date
    Mar 2004


    Hey Just tennis fan. Yeah i wish we could play. I live in Seattle Washington. A gde ti zhivesh?

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    Nov 2003
    Ukraine, Kiev
    Hi, again!

    Yeah, I just away about 10000 km, so we need to plan in advance our sparring...
    How often do you play? What surface do you prefer? I guess hard, because in states they usually prefer hard...
    I'm gonna play this saturday, unfortunately I can not play more often because I work and have limited free time...
    I would be happy if we continue communicating... You know I still keep in touch with my penpal from Finland with whom I started to communicate when i was 18... It's so nice that we manage to keep the relationship for so long time...

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    Join Date
    Mar 2004
    Hey Andrey,
    Well it is really cool to talk to someone for such a long time.And it is sad that we could not play together, just because of some little Atlantic ocean oh well. So yeah in US we have hard courts there are five in my school and few by my house so I practice almost every day. So how is everyrhing in Ukraine? How is Kiev, and where did you learn English?

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    Nov 2003
    Ukraine, Kiev
    Hi, Larisa!

    Let's communicate via e-mail, ok? My e-mail is
    Kiev is nice, getting better day by day... when was the last time you were here? I am sure there are so mane changes since then.
    Lot's of lovely places and city is developing very fast...
    I got a good job here in Kiev and I need English for it. Where did I learn it? Well, started in school, then kept studying it in University, then kept practizing in it at work....
    Do you study at tennis school? Tell me more about it, pls
    Do you think Henin will overcome Davenport? I think yes and very easily, Davenport doesn't have Henin's speed. I saw yesterday Henin-kuznetsova match, you know Kuznetsova could have easily won it if had less unforced errors.. True: Henin is #1 and she had to make less errors... If Kuznetsove will continue in the way she plays now, there will be more competition in women's tennis...
    Weather is cool outside and I'm gonna play tomorrow with my friend on outdoor court...
    I would be glad to receive some pics of you... Who knows, the worls is so small and preps we could meet someday...


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    Mar 2004
    i personally like the 1-hander a lot more. u dont have to square ur back shoulder to get full power, so just a quarter turn from the hips is enuf. i agree it's trickier to get used to, since u have to catch the ball out in front and the wrist motion is significantly different from a forehand, but once u get used to it i think it's simpler than a 2-hander

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    Jul 2004
    New Zealand
    single is best more flexible and less running needed double is more for youngsters who dont have the strength to weld a heavy racquet propwerly with one hand

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    i just wanna play

    i live in omaha, nebraska, i have been playing for about 3 or 4 years, and i am a senior in highschool..i was just wondering if there was anybody out there that would want to play is anybody close

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    BaSeLiNeR Guest

    Depends on preference, really

    Hey, another player from Washington ^_^. I have tried both backhands, and i think it comes down to what kind of player you are, and what you're comfortable with. i like 2-handed backhands personally, which allows me to handle serves much better as well higher balls. I think if i were more of a serve and volley player i would prefer a 1handed back hand because it feels more fluid than 2handed, but since im more of a baseliner, i feel more comfortable at baseline with 2handed ^_^. Slower surfaces play better for 2h while quicker surfaces would be better suited for that chip and charge 1h serve and volly style

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    I agree.. there really is no right answer for this. This is all a matter of personal preference. I'm pretty much a pure one-hander, and I find that the one-hander works best for me.

    I guess the biggest positives from a one handed backhand, is the range you get and also the slice.

    If you're hitting a one hand backhand, I guarantee, you're saving yourself at least a step on every stroke. Given that you only need one hand to hit it... your racquet can reach to the backhand side much further than if you're using two hands. Take a look at Federer, and compare him to Agassi for example. Federer's one hand backhand allows him to save a lot of exertion just from running that extra step or two on each shot.

    Secondly, the one-hander allows you to slice the ball a lot more effectively. A two hand slice isn't really a proper stroke, because human physiology does not really allow a person to hit a slice using 2 hands. On the other hand, it's much easier hitting the backhand slice with just one hand.

    However, the two-hander does have it's advantages. I've heard that one is able to control the racquet much better with a 2 hander, and a person is also able to generate more power in a shorter distance and shorter amount of time with two hands.

    But in the end, really it's up to the player to decide, which style fits him best.

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