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    Unregistered Guest

    Agassi the greatest?

    Is Agassi the greatest player ever?

    I know Sampras won more grand slams but Agassi won more matches and the only one still playing to have won all 4 grand slams on all surfaces

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    Unregistered Guest

    Pretty damn close though.

    Probably my favourite player of all time, but in terms of greatness.. I think he comes close to but not better than Sampras or Laver (now I show my age).

    The most talented? close second to McEnroe in terms of natural talent.

    He's certainly in my top 10, and probably in my personal top 3.

    To be fair, he's probably the best All round tennis player I've ever seen, it's only his mental side that has ever let him down. I still to this day think that Goran losing it in the Wimbledon final is what made him.
    I remember watching him burst on to the scene in his jean shorts thinking wow. But after his loses to Gomez, his thumping by Sampras, then his choking to Courier in his first few Grandslam finals I thought..all the talent in the bottle (another Jimmy White- for snooker fans). Still Goran choked first and the rest is history.

    So, in short:In terms of all-round ability/shot-making: Yes, Mentally: NO.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Talking Agassi is among the top 5

    McEnroe is truly the most naturally talented.
    Agassi is the hardest worker.
    Sampas must be considered only because of the Grand Slam total.
    Laver for his Grand Slams of another era.
    Bjorn for his quiet proficiency.

    My personally favorites are McEnroe and Agrassi. How would you like to see them play doubles together!!!

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    mcgwirefan Guest

    Agassi best ever?

    I'd say top ten ever.


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    JayCee Guest
    I think you have to put him up there as one of the best of all times, due to the fact that he has one all 4 majors and on 4 different surfaces. Saying that, I am biased as he has been my favourite male player since he first appeared on the tour.

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    Neo Guest


    he is th greatest player in my heart

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    tennisvideos Guest

    Rosewall Greatest Ever

    IMO Ken Rosewall is the greatest ever. He won the French, US & Aussie Opens a couple of times each before he turned pro in 1957. Then he couldn't play the Grand Slams for 11 years!!!!!!!!! This was when he would have been at his peak. Then he comes back and wins the US Open, French Open and Aussie Open again. Was 4 times a Wimbledon finalist and would certainly have won Wimbledon if he could have played during his 11 years of banishment. In 1971 and 1972 he also won the WCT Championships (beating Laver in 2 phenomenal finals) to prove his was still one of the greatest - and he was in his mid 30s. I think he could have won about 18 Grand Slam singles titles had he been able to play the Slams from 57-68.

    Laver also turned pro and couldn't play from 1963-68. So he would certainly have won a lot more too, considering he completed the GRAND SLAM in 1962 and 1969 and didn't play any Glams for 5 years at his peak as well.

    And who knows how good Gonzales could be been in terms of Grand Slam greatness, and some of the other pros. But Rosewall is my pick.

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    Talking I am the greatest ever.

    I have won..... umm... Well i just am.

    For the record.. I think that if Andre had a bigger serve to go with his kickass ground game there would be no question... As far as best EVER I can't say cause I never saw guys like Laver play. 4 grand slams in 1 year is sick! That has to put him at the top.

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    i'm not sure if he's the best player all-time but he's the best returner and best in passing shots IMO
    Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory lasts forever.

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    Neo Guest

    The true reason!!!!at last, i got it

    We say agassi is the best professional player in the universe
    because he brought the best women player of the earth ----graff
    back home.!!!!!!!!!

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    WILSON95 Guest


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    loki1616 Guest
    certainly not the best of all time...but the player i enjoyed watching the most was Stephan Edberg...the kick serve, soft volleys, constant foot faults, was so fun to watch.

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    I think, if considered what have been reached and won Borg and Sampras are among the greatest.

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    lobber Guest
    I don't think Agassi is one of the greatest, but his longevity is amazing and a sentimental favorite. I wouldn't put Sampras at the greatest either because he hasn't won on all surfaces. I would have to go with Laver. I'm sure many of you never saw him play.

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    Mpol Guest

    Agassi the greatest?

    As a wsie woman by the name of Martina Navratalova once said, you can't define the greatest player, because there are so many different factors that change things from generation to generation! Agassi is one pf the best his Generation and even this generation (that's if he can continue to win more majors for the next few years.) I agree with Martina's statement, technology is changing tennis so much, comparing players of different generations is now a little difficult and unfar to many players. For me, Agassi is a living tennis legand, but THE BEST, um, i'm not so sure. Look at the guys volley, i mean he hardly comes to the net, if he did, he would probably be unstopable. However, i regard him as one of the all time greats, certainly!!!!!!!!!!

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