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Thread: hi

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    Mar 2004


    im 16 and sophmore. i started playing tennis my freshman year on c team, now i'm on JV i hope to move up to Varsity by my senior year. Any suggestions for me?
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    the only suggestion i can make is to practice. it's the only way you'll get better, practice practice practice. If there's nobody to play with then just go out on the courts and practice ur serve, i know i've done that plenty of times

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    Mar 2004
    try to find a coach who'll really stick to proper form and fundamentals. u dont wanna use a weird swing and hurt urself

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    alex chen Guest


    i agree the suggestion. but i thick that,you should browse many pofessional website; ask your friends about you need to know if they have play tennis for many years;to buy one book about tennis knowledge and then you can practice first.

    hope can help to you about anything of tennis.

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    Zylon360 Guest
    Yes, practice is the key, but more importantly is the advice to obtain experience through regular matches, whether or not they count towards your promotion to Varsity. What I mean is that the best way to practice tennis is to find someone slightly better than yourself and strive to beat them by playing harder, hitting better, being more consistent and using the whole court. Remember, power does not always give you the advantage as you either already know or soon will learn.

    Hitting against a wall is better than just dropping the ball and hitting, I personally think hitting against a practice wall outweighs some of the pros. to using a ball machine. However nothing compares with true playing. You can however improve your serving greatly by just taking a bucket of balls to a court and making goals for yourself. I do feel that one can practice his/her serve to a fault however. What I mean by this:

    If you find your serve is missing more than hitting the target, then consider either taking a break or seeking an opinion from a better player. Remember, it is easier to learn bad habits through continual play than to learn good habits through the same. If it is not working try a different type of serve. I always give my weaker abilities a go before switching to something that is working better that day. A thick head is not always going to win points for you.

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    Jul 2004
    New Zealand
    work on your fitness level short sprints are best you need speed more so than stamina skipping good for this, practice properly against some one slightly better than your you read as much as possible from the library watch videos of player you can emulate rember it takes many years and lots of practice to make a good tennis player try to enjoy the games its fun and very rewarding

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    Jun 2004
    Tucson, AZ

    good luck!

    Yes, as one of the posters wrote, work on fitness. No sport requires an athlete to pull it out of thin air...

    My advice -- BEG the top players on your team to hit with you. The way you will improve most quickly is to play against the best. Sure, you'll get crushed, but when you think about it afterwards, you'll see what they did and what you didn't do.

    Getting beaten is the best lesson in tennis, as it is in most sports.

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    Sep 2004
    Also, if you can, videotape a match of yourself and someone else and analyze your mistakes, and what you did right. This helps a lot. Watching Pros play on TV and then emulating their style will definitely help also. Who better to learn from than the #1 or #2 in the world?
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    mrtennis66 Guest


    To improve ones self in tennis is knowing were the ball is going before it comes off your opponents racket ( Anticipation ]). The other thing to master is ball control hitting with 100% placment control. Practicing these drills on the wall will accomplish this. A exellent learning DVD hit a 1000 balls a hour burn 13 calories a minute while improving ever stroke. Foot-work and consistentcy will improve 100%. I purchased the DVD off the wall tennis with power and control. Belive me if you follow the instructions it will work.
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