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    michael Guest

    Angry behavior of audience in Henin-Williams game

    The lack of sensitivity the audience showed was insulting and gave a very bad impression of the french/belgian people in the eyes of tennis fans in the world. Henin was asked by the press so many questions about the audience's behaviour, thinking she would refer negatively to it, but no, she would only say "a little bit annoying" well in my eyes it was rude, cruel and unjust. what really surprises me is how cold was the judge who only said "S'il vous plait" all the time. well, I suppose he was too in favor of henin, and thought it would be enough to make a slight polite remark and nothing more. Unbelivable !!! Shame on you ! thinking of what happened there makes me want to vomit. Just don't be mistaken, I wanted Henin to defeat Williams as well.
    But to behave like that ...?! Where has European famous courtesy gone to ? SERINA, I am sorry you lost under such unfair sircumstances. You probably could have won if another public had been there. I feel for you !!!

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    Unregistered Guest
    I partially agree with your feeling toward the crowd during that match, but remember it's still a sport after all and spectators will boo and express their emotions as long as they don't interrupt play. It's up to the players how well they handle that pressure, and remember if you're pro, and in this case, making tons of money, you're also an entertainer and the spectators are the clients in this case. (But if you watched the QF match b/w Serena and Mauresmo, you'd probably figure out why the french crowd was so psyched up during the SF match. From another angle, it's kinda cool to have some flavor to each of the slams, and the french is obviously more vocal than say the Wimbledon crowd. (Remember how they treated Hingis for a couple of years ...)

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    Unregistered Guest

    A big champion makes abstraction of the crowd!

    I don't see what is the problem with Henin's comment. Henin's biggest diffucilties in the beginning of the French Open was to deal with the crowd and the pressure linked to it. Her comment is just the expression of the fact that she overcame that problem and stay focused on her game. If a player starts noticing that public is unfair or anything non-related with the game, he's lost. If the public is for him, he must rely on it to improve the game. If the public is against him, he must try to make abstraction of it. That's all. 'That's tennis', as Henin said. Serenna has already had the crowd behind her in many occasion. Wind is changing, and will change again. Roland Garros is known for this very particular public. Henin is certainly one of fairest player in the game.

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    Unregistered Guest
    Hahem, don't mix things and say things Henin never said. Henin enjoyed the public when it was in his "normal" state but crtiticized it about the boos at Serena's faulty serves. Alas it seems a lot of news have been truncated in english speaking medias and you can find that only in others languages.
    Same about her "attitude". All english speaking medias took for Serena's word for truth that Henin lied when in fact Henin was never asked by the referee about it. As she said later, when dismissing Serena arguments, she was focused in the next point and wasn't worrying to know if it would be 1st or 2nd serve. She didn't lie, end of point. She didn't go to the referee to tell the truth but no rules compels her to do that and I'm sure she would have tell the truth if asked.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Talking Serena's Arrogance

    Get over it!!! Serena's opponets never win, it is only Serena losing. She relates to herself as "great".
    Serena needs to take a lesson from Andre Agrassi on exhiting greatness and mature professionalism. He lost to a better player-on that day. He gave credit to his opponet for playing at a level that prevented him from playing at the level he strives and usually does.
    Serena also needs to take a lesson in geography. Does she not realize Belgium borders France? Why would she be surprised that there were a lot of Belgiums at Roland Garros?
    Henen played magnificantly.
    This is the first Women's Grand Slam final I have watch in the past year.
    Serena's "Thug Tennis" and arrogance is not good for women's tennis. It is important for other players to challenge her mentally and physically. Henin has successfully. Serena is a exceptional tennis player and will win many tournaments.
    If she wants to be a "great" tennis player, she must first be a "great" human being and she has some work to do in this arena.

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    Unregistered Guest
    The French crowd booed for three or four games, tops. I am more concerned about American crowds that boo ( e.g. Indian Wells in 2000), or utter disgusting comments, or generally don't support either of the Williams sisters. While it is normal to expect all crowds to be civil regardless of the nationality of the player, the Williams sisters ought to be able to expect some support from American crowds.

    At the 2000 Indian Wells final, allegedly the crowd thought Venus "threw" a semi-final match in favor of her little sis by feigning an injury. If Venus had really wanted to help little sis, she would have played the match and intentionally lost. Serena then would have been in the final AND she would have moved up in rank significantly because, at the time, Venus was ranked considerably higher. So, the notion that the crowd booed - the ENTIRE match, mind you- was because they wanted to boo, not because they had a legitimate reason.

    By the way, I love the Williams sisters, but Serena lost the French Open final because she faced a better player, on that day, not because of the crowd. Serena has faced worse and survived.

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    Unregistered Guest
    serena lost because she wasnt playing HER game. Henin took control of the match one point one and played the way SHE plays. Serena is such a good player beacuse she plays her match. Henin took control and put a brick wall in from of that momentum., Serena has faced MUCH worse. If she cant respect that fact of losing, she might as wel retire. Aggasi lost to a 17 year old and congradulatred him. Now, even though aggasi lost, he worked much harder and is back in number one.

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    JayCee Guest

    Thumbs up

    I agree. Athough I am not the greatest fan of the Williams Sister's, I really did feel for Serena at the post match press conference.

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    Unregistered Guest

    behavior of audience in Henin-Williams game

    The French crowd was much worse against Hingis in the 1999 Graf/Hingis final. The world knows they are a rowdy bunch and New Yorkers can be just as bad. Serena lost that match in the first set. She was unprepared going into it and did not expect JH-H to come out with such a great dirtball plan.

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    Unregistered Guest
    Without that crowd Henin wouldn't win the match. Of course the french are better at fighting 21 year old girls rather than take on greater world threats .It takes Henin best game on her best surface to beat a mediocre Serena. For those who think Serena doesn't give credit Maybe you think like Henin who is dishonest and a cheat . Remember when she was all over lindsay for taking an injury time out. And who refused to acknowledge that she raised her hand when serena's about to serve. The whole boils down to white people dying to get a white champion at all cost. Serena gives credit to a lot of players but she is no kisser of butts. Most of the time players like Henin get most mediocre draws to enable them get to the finals while the william sisters draws are always the toughest and they still crush the opponents. By the way I use to have some respect for Henin but now a lot of people including myself see her victory as tainted at best. Serena is superior to Henin in all facets of the game and we will see at the end of the day who is greater.
    By the way the williams are already guarantee the hall of fame.
    I could say that about Henin. Maybe a Belgian hall of fame.

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    Originally posted by Unregistered
    By the way I use to have some respect for Henin but now a lot of people including myself see her victory as tainted at best. Serena is superior to Henin in all facets of the game and we will see at the end of the day who is greater.
    We will see at he end of the day who is greater? Uhh I think we just saw who was greater, at least on that day. No doubt Serena will get her revenge at some point.

    Serena needs to grow up. Crying about it will only make it worse. Now that the crowd knows they can get in her head, they will do it more often. The same thing happens in golf with players like Colin Montgomery.

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    The crowds shocking behaviour at roland garros, was a simple act of dislike to a young american, winning "their" open... and to the point of williams arrogance...who cares of course you can be arrogant and proud of yourself when your as succesful as her and have as much earnings as her. GET OVER IT!

    Although she lost we all know she win it about 3 times to come.

    The crowds behaviour hopefully wasnt a racial slur, but although even if it wasnt the french opens prestige and integrity has been weakened greatly.

    People of France tennis supporters... grow up and marvel at the terrific game, that is modern tennis.

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    Join Date
    Jul 2003
    I totally agree with the behaviour at Roland Garros was appauling. I think we all know why the crowd dislike the Williams sisters.

    I think Henin should have apologized to Serena. To tell you the truth I do not regard her as a champion because she won in unfair circumstances.

    I really liked Henin but after her behaviour at the french open, I really do not respect her as a player any more.

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    lobber Guest
    I think the French are still upset about the US military action. Sour grapes. They are very rude in general.

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    Join Date
    Jun 2005
    my home


    i think serena deserved as she was very arrogant
    and henin deserved to win.
    serana should be more patient
    go henin
    i love henin

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