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    Zylon360 Guest

    Are you passonate or not?

    That is the question. If you are passonate then you most likely find it quite difficult to lose without being hard on yourself or express it throughout the match. Now, I am not speaking of racquet destroying fury (which I highly advise against unless you are made of money). Just an occasional growl or a shout when you realize that topspin forehand went out when it should have hit the line. Man, that stinks doesn't it.

    I just finished playing an opponent who I have never beaten in a match, just games here and there. I like playing him because I am continually pushing myself to go further and hit harder with more accuracy. However, when I lose I still beat myself down. The point of this thread is for those who do the does not mean you should not play tennis.

    I know quite a few people who hold to the opinion that if you can't play the game without letting it affect you so much, then perhaps you should not play that sport. Now where would all the pros be if that advice were sound? Look at Roddick, he has overcome alot of his on-court frustrations to the point that it does not affect his overall performance in a match like it used to. Remember Roland Garros 2003? Brad Gilbert has probably given many a lecture in that department and it shows on court now.

    But, you too can experience that frustration and use it as fuel for success, not a recipe for failure. Just remember that if you are that passonate about winning you can use it to your advantage while maintaining a realistic expectation of results for yourself. Just b/c you don't hit like Moya doesn't mean you are bad at tennis. Look at the overall improvements in your matches. Mark them down on a progress chart if you are the detailed type. Keep playing those people you can't seem to beat in a match. They will improve your game if you keep on trying. Mix things up and get a strategy for yourself. It is always good for the ego to play someone and beat them too, but don't fixate yourself towards those types of matches unless your weaker opponent is dead-set on improving his/herself. If that is the case then challenge him/her to beat you and you will have a great time of it.

    Again, this thread is more of an encouragement to those who yearn for success, but still experience those days of frustration. Now go get 'em tiger!
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    Apr 2004
    Saudi Arabia
    Thank you too much for this beatiful topic.

    am suffuring from the same problem. I believe that loosing points affects your game. but listen at my story

    I have only been playing tennis for 2 years, and I imporve singifacently, however, I alwasy loos. till now every thing is logical. but there are players who I play much better than them and I still loos. do u believe that the opposit player wins 6 games without scoring a single point himself, I give him all the points to win. and thats what makes me be carzy

    thank u

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    Apr 2004
    Saudi Arabia
    thank you too much for this grate theread.

    thats absolutly true, hitting some wrong balls shouldn't affect your style of playing. but I wish that you can advice me at this

    I have been playing tennis for only 2 years and twice a week only. Thank god I imporved signifcantly in this short period. I never win but that sounds logical. However, there is a player who I play much better than him and he still beat me. beleive it or not he wins the entire much without scoring a single point ; I give him all the points. I score for my self and for him by doing mistakes. and this makes me go carazy.

    I don't mind loosing, but not like this

    thank you again

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    Well, I guess I don't have that kind of a problem any more. I've been playing tennis since I was 3 and i had those kind of problems before. I would say that now I don't really care. Every time I lose something clicks in me and next match I win. If I lose, just cuz of that, I want to win. Usually lost matches make me more confident, because you learn from your mistakes. It usually makes me stronger. I think that's a good advice for you guys, just because you lose don't give up! Only losers give up, winners don't. Failure tests you but if you're a winner it doesnt stop you. Keep that in mind!

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    Jun 2005


    Thats an interesting post that. Ive actually locked myself in my room and cried hysterically after some loses, when i could have won and let myself down. Some negativity after the match from my Dad didnt help matters, i worked my arse off to get in a winning position 5-3 up serving in the third set and i dont even get a well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok im over it.

    Anyway. My temper is one of the most awful things i posess. ESPECIALLY on a tennis court. I turn into such a freak like you wouldnt quite believe. But i always go for my shots, even when im loosing, im not one to be discouraged. but anyway..............

    Sunday afternoon i fit in the first round singles match of the season championships agasint my regular hitting partner, and season long double partner. We know each others games well...but ive never bet him more than once. And even then, that was 3 years ago, first hit of the spring time. But this time i kept my cool better than id ever done.

    I went 3-0 down in the first set, and smiled, telling myself, "no worries, its only 3-0, no point pressing the panic button yet!" I THEN WON 6 GAMES IN A ROW TO TAKE THE SET.

    I then held my first service game but went down 4-1 after 2 HEATED debates over line calls which involved a very rude abrubt pissed off opponent. And just to annoy my opponent I WON 5 GAMES IN A ROW TO TAKE THE MATCH.

    SORTED. Monkey off my back, i finally bet the awesomly consistant player who had gotten the better of me in almost 90% of our matches, albeit double or singles. VICTORY TO THE CHAP WHO KEPT HIS COOL.

    Trust me, you may get behind, you may be outplayed, but it pays to stick in there, stay cool DONT GET ANGRY, they will love that, and run all over you. IM proof that patience pays.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Good point

    I have found that trying to be proactive is the right decision study your mistakes, talk to older player , personally or on forums. I had a match where my serve let me down so I studied and corrected it. Thanks many players have this problem.

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    Unregistered Guest
    Thanks for the comforting post, it's great to know someone out there in the tennis playing world is humble and intelligent about themselves, which I believe is so important. The mental strain in players is perhaps more often, greater than the physical strain.

    Andre Agassi said that when he and Pete were first meeting each other, he saw Pete hitting the balls and he said to himself "I feel sorry for people who will never be able to win a match or tournament" (or something along those lines). Look at what Pete turned out to be. It doesn't matter, don't prove anything to anyone while on court, just prove it to yourself.

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    Oct 2005
    Suwanee, GA
    Do you mean passionate?

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    Unregistered Guest


    I am always ripping myself apart even from one firggin point, i feel that I need ot be the best all the time, But i think ive at least gotten a little better at controling my anger and not showing it as much whe nim actually on
    the court. I think this may apply to any sport though.

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