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    rocker4evr Guest

    Putting a spin on the ball....

    See, unless I'm like blind, the pro's don't really put a spin the balls on their they? Because every time I play this one kid he puts a spin on his serve and aces me so many times its not even funny....I'm wondering if I should start trying to serve with a spin on the ball....I need some practice though... What do you think? And do the pro's even do that?

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    Mar 2004
    most pros put quite a bit of spin on their 2nd serve. usually some sort of kick serve, with a bit of sidespin and topsin. the top spin brings the ball down into the court, givin them a larger margin of error (they can aim higher and the spin'll still bring it into the court).

    1st serve, u dont really need spin if ur hittin 160 MPH, as roddick does, so just flat serve if u've got a nice, fast one.

    i think u getting aced by slice serves is primarily due to experience. to put a LOT of sidespin on the ball, u have to slice it a lot more, which means ur not hitting as flat, which means ur not hitting as FAST. a slow serve = attackable serve.

    so all u have to do is get used to reading spin; how the racket contacts the ball to create which type of spin..and to see how this spin will affect the path of the ball. when u can read the spin, take a step inside the baseline and attack the weak serve

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    raksutiikeri Guest


    It is more easy to return flat fast serves than slower serves with a grat spin.

    That is why the pros always use a lot of spin in their serves. A good player can use different spins and make his serve that way more difficult to predict...

    Learn how to put a good spin to your serve. You will win more points... But learn to put different spins.

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    i actually don't think it's all that easy to return fast flat serves. i seem to find that when there's no spin, they go faster, and thus i have less time to return the ball, whereas if there's spin, i have more time to return it. The thing about hitting a serve flat is that there's less chance of it going over the net and into the service box, as is evidenced by a friend of mine who can hit the ball rediculously fast, but rarely gets it in (he has horrible technique), and he ends up giving the opponent a cream puff of a second serve.

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    Mar 2004
    pros blast it past their opponents and do not give them time to react.

    that is why the 1st serve is more flat than the 2nd serve; it gives more speed, which is more important as an attacking attribute than spin.

    think about it; why do 2nd serves always have more spin than 1st serves? it's more consistent...but if it's also harder ot return, why not use more spin on 1st serves as well?

    the pros have decided that flat serves are far more effective as their primary attack as opposed to slice or kick serves. shrug, if it's good enough for them....

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    Jul 2004
    New Zealand
    a reliable slice serve that drags a opponent out wide is best for average club players its easy to do and opens up the court for a approach shot then volley just remember to hit the ball on the right hand side and practice your toss up so its always the same all the time release the ball with no wrist movement palm up

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