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    Slice w/ topspin

    slice makes it go up... but the topspin makes it go doen on the other side... is it even possible??? Help! Tips plz..
    Korean Novice Playa

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    i'm not even really sure what you're saying... it sounds like you want to put both slice and topspin on the ball at the same time, if so, that's physically impossible. my understanding is that when u put backspin on the ball, it stays in the air longer, travels further, and tends to die when it bounces. whereas when u put topspin on the ball, it arcs in the air so it doesn't stay up as long, and when it bounces it accelerates. slices are usually good as defensive shots where topspin is usually good for attacking or keeping ur opponent on the baseline

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    a slice shot is slower travels further and is ideal as a approach shot, as long as it is deeply placed gives you more time to reach a good position and complete a volley.
    top spin requires a strong wrist forearm and is very tiring also tends to be less reliable on my backhand side useful when trying to pass someone at the net if they crowd you too much then use the lob this is a highly underrated shot that can wear out a opponent especially if he is unfit and doesnt possess a great overhead smash make sure that you practise the lob before , a short lob is useless it will be smashed away by any competent player

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    "slice" is by definition underspin. which is the opposite of topsin

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    different purposes

    A slice is usually intended to buy time, except on clay or grass, which is another story, while a topspin means to take command of a point.

    Slice is a high to low stroke, while topspin requires a low to high swing and a lot more power. However, if you reallly nail a slice with a lot of racquet speed, you can make the ball skid.

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    You must be talking about a serve.

    Slice (for a right-hander) is counterclockwise sidespin on a serve (as viewed from above). It makes the ball curve leftward (as viewed from behind).

    A serve can have topspin on it, slice, or a blend of both.

    A serve with mostly topspin and a little slice is called a twist serve. The combination of spins (if you do it just right) makes the ball curve to the left a little in flight, but then break to the right a little on the bounce.

    You can see pictures and explanation at

    Kathy K

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